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Where are the sessions held?

You will always decide where your personal training sessions are held and if required your trainer will advise you on suitable locations in your area.

You may wish to train at home, work, or in a park your choice, all we require is a small, safe place, so it’s completely up to you. 










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Outdoor trainingTraining systems

Our training systems have been created from years of practical and theoretical experience.

We are passionate about fitness and to ensure that your sessions are safe and professional, we follow and maintain current fitness guidelines (A.C.S.M. Y.M.C.A, Premier Fitness)

Our training systems are designed to be effective, varied and most of all enjoyable with a lot of emphasis placed on the workout being highly functional to fit with your needs and lifestyle.

When the weather is good, we do like to take our clients out to greener environments, where the space is much larger and offers more health benefits. 

Training overview

Weight loss

We recognise that some clients just want to see numbers on the scales go down. This is why we created a 12-week weight loss programme to help individuals lose and maintain a steady weight loss. We aim for an average weekly weight loss of 2lbs, and also aim to decrease body fat levels and improve general health and wellbeing. 

Core training systemOnce you have committed to the 12-week programme you will also receive the support of a fully qualified dietician who will help and guide you all the way to achieve your goals.

Be committed!!!

As well as your one-on-one sessions with a Positive Balance trainer, you will also be provided with a personal training programme to be completed at your own convenience in an environment that suits you (e.g. the gym or your living room).

Your trainer will offer you support and guidance throughout your whole journey to ensure that you achieve your desired goals.

Cardiovascular training

Look fitter, feel fitter!

Cardiovascular training systemOur cardiovascular training system effectively improves your respiratory system (heart and lungs). If you’re a beginner or want to keep things simple, we offer traditional cardio training and for those who are more adventures we can provide unique resistance based cardio workouts.  

With our varied approach to cardiovascular training you will dramatically improve your aerobic capacity, recovery time, and overall general fitness.

Strength training system

Variety strength workouts that will work out for you!

You don't have to be big to be stong. You’ve heard it before, strength comes from within, andStrength training systemat Positive Balance we maintain this ethos.

After progressing through our core base program you willmove onto our effective strength-training programme and functional workout,where we will increase your overall power and strength, reduce your body fat, and increase your metabolism.

You’ll find that after you’ve completed our strength training programme every day tasks become much easier to complete.

Core training system

Strength starts from within the core!

We at Positive Balance fully understand the importance of the core muscle groups, and the role that your core plays within your whole body.     

Our sessions are designed around lots of core-based movements, mainly using your own body weight as resistance with the addition of specially designed equipment to improve and maintain a strong midsection.

Core training systemThe ‘core’ consists of an inner and outer unit. The inner unit plays a vital role in every day movement and body support. 

We believe that core strength should be at the forefront of any training program, as it is the core that is ‘root’ of all body movements. A strong core will enable the body to handle everyday stresses and strains. A strong core also produces correct body posture and body alignment, which will also enable your body to deliver maximum force.

Power training system

POWER = (Force + Distance)

Explosive power is generally geared towards our sports specific training. (See Sports Specific training).

However we all need body power to perform everyday explosive movements, like sprinting for the bus or jumping to reach the top of the cupboard!

Because of the demands that power training places on the body, we always recommend and assist with building good all round body strength first, and most importantly working towards a strong foundation before being introduced to the power training system.

Sports specific training system

Cones, ladders, hurdles

Sports specific training systemThe sports specific training program is specifically aimed at amateur and professional sports men and women… however, it can actually be enjoyed by everyone, and it’s sometimes those who least expect it that turn into budding athletes! 

Positive Balance has vast experience of various sports and we can put together workouts that complement any existing training plan.

During sport specific workouts we aim to challenge the body by firing up muscles it may never have used, or need re-firing due to a lack of use.
Our sports programmes have been developed through years of training and research, and we aim to deliver sessions based around clients’ activity of choice. We utilise plyometric, speed & agility exercises with the aim of helping you improve body power, strength, and range of movement, balance and speed.  

Boxing & Kickboxing

For those of you who want to keep fit but at the same time learn a new skill, we can deliver a workout thatenhances both and can be enjoyed by all.

Kick boxingOur kickboxing & boxing training is delivered by instructors who are experienced and qualified in this field.

The benefits of kickboxing & boxing training are; improved balance & coordination, strength, power, flexibility, kickboxing and boxing is also a great way of reducing stress.  

And because of the intense and revolutionary training programs involved there can be a significant improvement in aerobic capacity and weight loss.  


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