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Client testimonials

Find out what our clients say about us...

quotation markI have been training with Lee for 8 years now and he has become both an integral part of my training program and a friend. Personal training sessions with Lee are varied, interesting, and always push me beyond my comfort zone. That's not to say I don't swear at him when he's demonstrating yet another new 'functional' move!

Lee is always at the forefront of new fitness trends so I never get bored and he works continuously to improve my all round health and fitness as well as my shape! He can read my mood the minute he walks in the door and adjust my workout accordingly. The proof is in the results! At 38, I'm in the best shape I've been and in the smallest dress size! quotation markThanks Lee! Here's to the next 8 years!

Sam Williamson

quotation markLee has a unique way of keeping a trainee enthusiastic and very motivated. Believe me, as I have tried and tested lots of classes, instructors and personal trainers! I have attended Lee's classes at the gym and also had 1-2-1 personal training with him over the past year. The classes are always different which keeps you guessing and on your toes. It’s great to be trained by someone who believes in your ability more then you and your body does! He is able to get that little bit more out of you which surprise me every time.

I would never have gone to his classes as I always felt unfit/unable to keep up with the rest however Lee's classes appeal to all and he has the ability to ease someone new into the class which makes a big difference. Once you make it through the door you soon release quotation markeveryone in the room is feeling the pain!

Ashita Patel

quotation markGoing to the gym is not my favorite hobby but since I have been attending Positive Balance body conditioning classes I have become totally addicted.  The classes are tough but good fun and he really pushes you to be your best.  He is very encouraging and mixes up the routines so you are never bored.  If you want to get in shape quotation markand keep motivated, Lee is your man!!

Joanne Higgins

quotation markGood guy, who can analysis people's key strengths and abilities well.... fun work out with the ability to push individuals to their maximum. This is due to his ability to read people well and understand their body responses to certain exercises and how to motivate. A lot of emphasis on core strength and kettle bell workouts.

If you want a tough, fast pace and continual varied work out and one where you give your all and want results - then Lee is the man. However, if you have an aversion to everything Arsenal, please quotation markavoid .. ha ha ha ha ha :-)

Tracy Cotter


quotation markTraining with Lee raised me to a new level of fitness. His sessions are varied, interesting and challenging. He motivated me to quotation markdo more than I thought was possible.


quotation markLee's personal training sessions are great fun, he will tailor make each one to suit your mood and fitness level and always attempts to bring variety and new elements to his workouts. If you want a change to your usual boring gym routine, more structure and guidance whilst having fun and keeping fit then definitely give Lee's PT sessions ago. I have been training with Lee for almost 5 years now so I would say quotation markthat is testimony enough!!

Leanne Waymark

quotation markWhen I met physical trainer Lee Spencer, I was immediately impressed. He had paid meticulous attention to my workouts and was genuinely concerned for me as an individual. He had seen I was wearing knee braces and volunteered, without asking anything in return, to help me recover. Having worn braces for ten years following series of sports' injuries, I had been convinced my knees were finished. But Lee quickly and meticulously created an individual program for recovery, patiently working with me to rehabilitate the muscles in my knee. In two months, the braces I had for a decade were gone.

Thanks to Lee, his sincerity and his dedication, I can exercise and live without pain in my knee. Simply put, Lee is one of the best trainers I have ever seen. I would highly recommend anyone interested in a dedicated and knowledgeable quotation marktrainer to consider joining Lee!

Jaz, Washington D.C

quotation markI first joined Lee's Fight Klub class a few months ago and have been hooked from the first session! I don't know how he does it but he manages to motivate and inspire you while pushing you to your limit until the point of exhaustion! No two sessions are ever the same which make the classes fun and give me something to look forward to every week. He introduces a variety of techniques and exercises each week which means I get to work every part of my body at varying levels (of pain!!!!).

Like Lee, his sessions are full of fun and energy and always full of surprises! I would recommend him to anyone looking to get some serious quotation marktraining in a fun and positive way.

Natalia Andriotis

quotation markI have had over 100+ one-to-one sessions with Positive Balance and they have really helped me take my training and fitness to another level.  As part of the sessions he also introduced me to boxing of which I have got really addicted to and taken onto another level even further. 

I originally only set out to do 10 sessions but what I gained from them drove me to book more & more!  I would fully recommend Lee Spencer and what he stands for, his attitude towards fitness is really cool, mixing up what he does with serious knowledge whilst also combining a strict regime, but with fun too and not false!

If you’re thinking about training, then he's your quotation markman and will get you where you want to be!

Paul 'Radical' Ruiz, Jazz FM

quotation markI would recommend Positive Balance to anyone who is looking for personal training sessions with guaranteed results. The trainer Lee Spencer is fantastic. We worked on my personal goals and his recommendations for me, combining a mixture of kick boxing and core strengthening exercises. The work outs were challenging yet fun and I always felt fantastic afterwards. The PT sessions are highly addictive; quotation markonce you start you'll be hooked!

Daria Germondari

quotation markLee is an exceptional and inspirational instructor. To keep his classes motivated Lee changes the format every 4-6 weeks, he can see into the heart of you and can read what drives you and uses that to spur you on no matter how hard the exercises get. Lee has transformed the way I personally train and the results have been fantastic.

Lee is always on hand to offer advice, his expertise in Health & Fitness is second to none. I am looking forward to the new Studio and Outdoor classes that are being planned for this quotation markyear.

Emma Cheeseman


quotation markI started training with Lee with the intention of doing a 2 month blitz and am still training with him 2 years later! The sessions have added a whole new level of fitness to my exercise routine and I have noticed a real change in my stamina and physique.

Lee is able to adapt to all skill levels and as I have evolved and developed so has the training programme. Lee is motivating and encouraging and the sessions fly by.As someone who becomes easily bored of treadmills and gyms getting outside into new spaces and learning new exercise has been refreshing. I would happily recommend Lee to anyone who is wants to make a lifestyle change and make their time spent exercising quotation markmuch more efficient.

Emma Worrolo

quotation markI originally met Lee when he started teaching classes at our Company gym.  Whilst teaching us as a group, I noticed that my body immediately started to change and I really loved Lee’s energy and passion when he spoke about anything regarding fitness and nutrition.

I was equally inspired by Lee’s physique and his own fitness levels and so, I was instantly motivated to push my body even more.  I immediately signed up for Lee to be my personal trainer.  In the year that Lee has trained me, my body shape has changed significantly.  I am lean and athletic and always look forward to taking my body to the next level with Lee’s guidance.

Lee was such an inspiration to me in everything he stands for in the fitness world that I too have decided to become a personal trainer and have signed up for a course this year.  I have and still do always recommend anyone to train with Lee as he is truly one of the best quotation marktrainers I have ever met.

Angela Williamson


quotation markI've been seeing Lee a couple of months now and for once I have actually stuck to my fitness program!  He keeps me really motivated and always at the end of the phone when i have questions.  I'm already seeing great results, not just losing weight but feel much healthier and happier which is what its all quotation markabout.

Abigail Quarterman

quotation markI have been training with Lee for nearly a year and have thoroughly enjoyed all of it. Lee has an extremely broad repertoire of exercises which, combined with his excellent knowledge of the human body, has meant that I have managed to exercise in a way that has benefitted me immensely, and maintained my motivation/enthusiasm long after it would have quotation markevaporated on my own or in a gym.

Adam Betts, Musician/Teacher

quotation markTraining with Lee has given me exactly what I needed – a good old kick up the behind. Since working out with him I have finally become more conscious of treating my body well and I now have a much better awareness of how to push myself when training on my own. Not only can I see and feel the results, but Saturday mornings have become my favorite mornings of the week – turns out I haven’t just got the best trainer, but quotation markthe funniest as well.

Keeley Martin

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