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Other services

In addition to Personal Training, we offer the following services:

Dietary analysis

Healthy dietGood nutrition should be at the forefront of any weight loss program, so its important that the correct foods are chosen to aid and benefit a gradual weight loss program.

We asses your eating habits over a full two weeks, looking at what you eat, when you are eating and how you feel after each meal.

From this and other lifestyle information we will offer changes to help you reach your goals. If you are looking to gain weight or muscular weight we can also amend and improve your current eating habits using our dietary analysis program.

Pre & post natal fitness

post natal exerciseThese fitness sessions are suitable for any pre-natal mums with no complications during their pregnancy.  The sessions are modified personal training sessions which will help improve circulation, energy levels, good posture, and help eliminate the minor aches and pains normally associated with pregnancy.

Post-natal mums are perfect candidates for these same exercise sessions if they have had their post natal check from their GP or midwife, and have no complications.

Special population & rehabilitation

We also have expertise in training clients who may have extra requirements based on their physical wellbeing. These programmes are specifically designed to improve and enhance well being, with a strong emphasis on making every day tasks easier to perform.

Working alongside our physiotherapist our personal trainers are there to aid and guide you back to physical fitness. All programs are specifically designed under the guidance of a trained and qualified physiotherapist. 

Small group classes

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Our trainers are multi-skilled and have experience in running group exercise classes. If you can provide the space, we can provide the trainer!

We will provide all of the equipment needed for the class that is going to be taken. Clients must ensure that the area is clear of any obstructions and is well ventilated, with fresh drinking water and toilet facilities nearby.

We will also provide our own sound system to keep you motivated with complimentary music to type of class being taught. 

Fitness classes are a great way of keeping fit if you prefer training in a group.

Holistic massage

Holistic massageOur massage service is a relaxing experience where the main focus is to de-stress and unwind. Our massage is based on Swedish and aromatherapy techniques.

We also offer sports related massages where we focus on relieving aches and strains after a hard work out or sporting activity.

Physiotherapy & orthopaedic

Our physiotherapy is an outreach service where we put you in touch with an experienced practitioner who will help you back to full recovery.

Home gym design & installation

The home gym installation is a bespoke service, where our aim is to advise and design a home gym that can be used by all the family.

From our years of experience within the fitness industry, we have a very good knowledge of some of the best gym equipment around.

We help you to make the right choices, so that the equipment you choose will be challenging, effective and offer you a variety of fitness workouts.

If your home gym requires any structural work, we can organise a team of builders and architects to transform a spare space into your own personal gym.

We will work alongside you and the building team acting as a project manager from start to finish. We will ensure any work undertaken is finished to a high standard and on time.

Once your gym is up and running we will organise a personal trainer to visit you, to ensure that you fully understand how to use the equipment. They will offer you guidance and instruction on various fitness programmes.   


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