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exercise classSmall group classes

Our trainers are multi-skilled and have experience in running group exercise classes. If you can provide the space, we can provide the trainer!

We will provide all of the equipment needed for the class that is going to be taken. Clients must ensure that the area is clear of any obstructions and is well ventilated, with fresh drinking water and toilet facilities nearby.

We will also provide our own sound system to keep you motivated with complimentary music to the type of class being taught. 

Fitness classes are a great way of keeping fit if you prefer training in a group.

Please contact us if you wish to enquire about group classes.

The range of classes we currently offer


A cardiovascular class of low and high impact choreographed routines, designed to improve aerobic capacity, balance and coordination. The classes have a high element of fun as well as enough work to make you sweat and lose weight!


Where the main focus of the class is to work the muscles of the legs, glutes and the deep core muscles. By using mostly body weight exercises, you are able to develop strong and defined legs, a more tone rear, and a more defined and flat midriff. 


Core classIn our core class the main emphasis is to develop strength in the deep abdominal muscle groups namely, spine erector, multifdius, transverse abdominals, and the internal oblique’s. Because of our understanding of the core muscles group and the importance they play in everyday life movements we have developed classes that work both the inner and outer core (more on the core)

Body conditioning

Our body conditioning classes are designed to improve your core, reduce weight improve body tone, and to help build confidence in every day tasks.


Boxercise classA non-contact energetic boxing workout, suitable for all levels of fitness.  The class consists of a shadow boxing warm up, various strength and cardiovascular stations, boxing technique and pad work and is followed by a core circuit. This class will improve balance and coordination, strength and aerobic fitness, and a strong core base. You will also learn new skills and get a fantastic stress release!

Cardio Kick

Cardiokick classCardio kick is a marital art based aerobic class where the main focus is on delivering high energy workouts whilst learning how to give explosive kicks, knees and elbows, in a safe and effective way. With the use of choreographed aerobic routines based on 5 minute rounds, kicking, punching, kneeing and elbow strikes against pads. This class will give you skills to deliver with power! 

Fitness yoga

A dynamic stretch & yoga class designed to improve posture, develop strength in core muscles, improve flexibility and health & wellbeing.

Fitness pilates

In our Pilates class you will learn new exercises in an encouraging and non-competitive environment. Our Pilates class is designed to increase your body awareness, functional movement, stability, postural realignment, and flexibility through simple yet effective movements.

Fitness pilates classPilates is effective for people of all ages and all activity levels.

Pilates is considered a broad system of physical and mental training which leads to the health and longevity of our body and mind. You will feel your body start to change shape with even the simplest of exercises.

Through a series of core, back, leg and arm exercise you will feel yourself get stronger each week and gain a new awareness of strength through your core. Your balance is challenged in a range of motion to create and strengthen stability while focusing on your abdominal muscle to achieve the ideal body workout. You will leave feeling strong and supported.


A variety of different exercise stations performed over time or repetitions. Our circuit classes rotate on a regular basis to add more variety to the general format of the class and prevent boredom. 

Usually each circuit cycle is about 12 weeks so we give you enough time to get used to something before we throw something new and challenging at you!

Pre & post natal

post natal fitnessSuitable for any pre-natal mums with no complications during their pregnancy, our pre natal classes will help improve circulation, energy levels, good posture, and help eliminate the minor aches and pains normally associated with pregnancy.

We also run classes for post natal mums if they have had their post natal check from their GP or midwife, and have no complications.

Please contact us if you wish to enquire about group classes.

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