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quotation markI would recommend Positive Balance to anyone who is looking for personal training sessions quotation markwith guaranteed results. The trainer Lee Spencer is fantastic...

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History of Positive Balance

Founder: Lee Spencer (2001)

Lee has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years. Over this time he’s experienced every exercise trend and fad going, and observed many individuals in gyms tackling fitness the wrong way. 

Here, Lee talks about how these experiences led him to set up Positive Balance so he could offer an effective fitness solution for anyone interested in getting the most out of their time spent exercising…

quotation markAfter fifteen years working in various fitness roles, I felt that there was a need for change, and a space in the market for a company that altered the way individuals approached and maintained their personal fitness.

Frustrated by seeing people ‘panic training’ for a quick holiday fix, or using poor technique over an extended period of time, I started to develop a unique way of training providing visible results in a safe and fun style.

This unique style is based around a pre-agreed period of time, and offers clients a balanced workout programme to achieve their goals within this time. A Positive Balance workout aims to noticeably impact on physical appearance, but most importantly affect how clients feel and how quotation marktheir bodies handle everyday tasks. 

The client's NEEDS come first

Previous clients have found Positive Balance workouts, challenging, fun and very effective. Each session is varied to maintain interest over the length of the agreed workout plan.

Clients have benefited from a decrease in body fat and overall body weight, increase muscle density, strength, power, increased range of movement, and an overall healthier body and mind.

See what our clients say about us on our Testimonials page.

Our trainers will offer you knowledge and experience to ensure your sessions are varied, challenging, safe, effective and enjoyable, which will enable you to reach and maintain your desired goal


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